Fetal development Month by month

fetal development
These are the most exciting part since features will start to develop and little by little pregnancies will be appreciated.

Fetal development

• First Month – Systems such as the heart and digestive organs begin to form along with the spinal cord and the backbone. This is the period wherein the placenta is starting to develop also.

• Second Month – The heart is now working and this is where the teeth, ears, nose, tongue, lips and eyes starts to form. For boys, the penis starts to appear.

• Third Month – The baby’s form is recognizable in this period. The earlobes and the nails start to be formed. Most tissues and organs were already developed.

• Fourth Month – The baby start to develop reflexes like swallowing and sucking. The gender of the baby is identifiable.

• Fifth Month – Hair starts to grow on the head. Lanugo is covering the body of the baby at this point. Movement of the fetus can be felt. This is the period where internal organs are developing.

• Sixth Month – Vernix is what covers the baby’s body during this month. The baby is capable of opening his or her eyes for short periods only.

• Seventh Month – Taste buds were already developed. Organs as well as fat layers starts to develop. If the baby will be born in this period, he or she will be regarded as premature and thus special care is required.

• Eighth Month – Astounding brain growth happens at this period, rapid overall growth; most of the body’s organs are already developed except only for lungs. Kicks or movements are strongly felt by the mother and can be visible.

• Ninth Month – the baby’s lungs and body are fully matured. The baby can now survive and can already be delivered by the mother. Baby at this point appears to be less active.

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